“I met Michael in the audience of a Longmont Start-up Week drone tech seminar. I told him about my company. He told me about his. And I realized: our little start-up needed him on our team. And that decision made all the difference!

Michael soon became a trusted partner in developing our market and targeting our message, keeping our brand front-of-mind while worldwide demand for drone-mounted environmental sensors grew.  He connected us to print, air, and social media, and developed a consistent message and appearance for our website. Michael’s insight and wisdom kept our brand on point – and kept me focused during the messiest moments of building a tech start-up during the COVID era.

He took the time to deeply understand our product, and held us to a vision of the difference it could make to our users, to the market, and to the world. From our busy customers he coaxed insightful reports and detailed case studies.  Every step of the way Michael listened, he educated, he communicated, he inspired. This careful attention grew our brand and multiplied our revenue, and helped us reach a profitable exit for our company and our investors. 

Think of this as me next to you at some start-up gathering, nudging your elbow: “You gotta hire this guy! You will not regret it!” 

Liz Osborn

Sr. Product Manager – TriSonica, LI-COR Environmental

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